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Academies – do you do what your heart tells you or your head!!!

March 10, 2012

Thsee past couple of weeks the local high school that my children have attended/attend has been consulting on whether to go for an academy conversion.  I initially thought this was a straightforward yes/no question but soon learnt otherwise.  I am also going to be joining a secondary school GB as a community governor and I am sure that debate will start there as well.  As a result I have been doing quick a lot of searching and networking to find out what others are doing.  unfortunately, schools don’t tend to talk to each other much and they end up being little islands on their own.  One thing I have learnt is that there are a number of preconceptions about academies and the debate has focused primarily on forced/sponsored academies.  So many parents/governors have been asking questions about the whole process and always with the view that all academies are forced!

I have made the decision on how to vote for our local high school though not going to divulge it here!  Why I will do though is add further information about what I have learnt about academies in the academies section.  So watch this space.

Misinformation on academies

One thing I have discovered is that many people are misinformed about acadmies.  My initial view is that this arises from the fact that sponsored academis or forced academies are very different ‘beast’  to convertor academies. I do think this is an important distinction to make as many of the concerns being raised by parents and stakeholders relate to sponsored academies.  Many of the stories we hear in the press realte to sponsored/forced academies but the media is using the generic term to lump everyone together.  Just like with maintained schools, there are some outstanding ones and some needing to do better, so is the case with convertor academies.

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