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Taken on new role – chair

November 16, 2012

After six years of being out of it I have once again succumbed to being the chair of a governing body – this time of a federation of two schools.  Within a two weeks of taking this on I quickly realised why I gave it up last time……it can be quite a stressful role and also very lonely.  One of my first tasks I have had to do is investigate a complaint!

Some years back I found out the hard way what happens if you do not follow procedure ‘to the letter’ so to speak.   I have learnt.   The school where I carry out this role is really well organised now and so when I asked for the complaints’ procedure it was duly handed to me.  The staff I had to speak to were excellent in providing the relevant information.  Everything works so much better if an organisation is truly open and transparent in its processes.

We also go on about how every new governor needs to go on training.  I have come across really senior managers who have joined governing bodies who think they don’t need any training at all!  Wrong, wrong, wrong!   Despite the fact that I am an experienced chair and have been a school governor for some time now, I felt that I had better refresh my knowledge of what it means to be a chair of a governing body.  I am attending the National College training for chairs.  However, to be honest, now that I have received the initial information I am having second thoughts.  This is because it appears that the training is focused primarily for those that are new to being chairs and this is not me!  Oh I also have to find a mentor!  That should be fun!  I shall wait till I go to my first face to face session to get further details.

Postscript……….Face to face session was great and wonderful opportunity to network with other governors from different authorities!

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