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Have you heard of the 20 questions?

November 28, 2012

It is not always as an experienced governor easy to find suitable training that helps keep you keep up to date with all the changes in education and wow have there been some changes recently!  However, what is useful from some training courses is the opportunity to network.  So recently I took the plunge and signed up for the National College ‘Chairs of governors’ leadership development programme’.  This is a new course and so far so good!  Plus it offers the oportunity to meet up with lots of other governors from your locality. 

At the face to face session many were talking about the ‘list of 20 questions’!  Had  we come across them and how important they were?

So what exactly are these 20 questions……Well it is a set of questions published on the 9th July 2012 at a Summer Reception of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Education Governance & Leadership on helping GBs assess how effective they are.  The questions can be found on the National Governors Association website.  

As everyone I have spoken to recently has been referring to these questions I thought I would have a look at them and see how easy it would be for our GB to answer some of them.  Here is where free online surverys like Survey Monkey come in. We have translated those 20 questions onto Survey Monkey and asked all our governors to complete the survey annonymously before the next GB.  We will then analyse the results with the view to asessing how effective we are as a GB.

I hope that Ofsted will think this is a good way forward 😉

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