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Pupil Premium and Governors

February 12, 2013

Pupil Premium has been a topic of debate for some time now – whether this is ‘new’ money or not, how to account for it, governors responsibilities in relation to this.   I will just focus on the governors role but not touch upon whether it is ‘new’ money or not!

As far as governors were concerned we knew what it was –  “Provides additional money for each deprived pupil in the country. This money will go with eligible pupils to the school they attend, and will be distributed in addition to the underlying schools budget from 2011/12” (DfE) but few had any idea as to how the spend should be reported.   There was scant information coming from the DfE on the requirements for reporting and when you tried to find out what other schools were doing  there was very little information available.

This was until yesterday!  OFSTED published its report on Pupil Premium and, I must say,  it is very useful indeed because we now have some examples of what defines ‘good practice’ and how different schools are reporting the pupil premium spend and also how they are using it to close the gap between those children on Free School Meals and those that are not.

For those governors that are extra keen or have been given the Pupil Premium responsibility here is some additional useful reading material.

  • A short blog on the LKMco website on the Key 15 questions to ask about Pupil Premium.
  • The Educational Foundation have produced a Pupil Premium toolkit which will allow you to identify how much your school is getting this year and what to expect next year.  They have also carried out some research to show which are the most effective interventions.
  • Another resource to look at on the Pupil Premium is the excellent Clerk to Governors blog and this very helpfully identifies any additional reading in relation to the Pupil Premium.
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