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Interesting governors’ blogs

February 27, 2013

Being a school governor can be quite a lonely experience at times, especially nowadays when LAs are cutting down their conferences and training events.  No worries….there are a number of excellent blogs written by some very experienced governors that give you great insight into what is currently going on in the educational arena and some good advice of what you should be looking out for.

Here are some that I use on a regular basis (they are in no order of preference as they are all useful 🙂 ):

Clerk to Governors – there are many many governors who use this blog on a regular occasion – me being one!  Need to find out anything about school governance and ‘Clerkie’, as some refer to her, is always there with the answer. Thank you!

Ruth Agnew – another very experienced governor and offers great governor training and support in the North West! Have a look at her musings on the latest consultation by the DfE on school governance and then respond to the consultation!

Being a Chair – some excellent advise on what you might think of doing once you take on the chair of a governing body.  Always good to see how others approach this task!

Clare Collins – this is a blog by the ex chair of the National Governors Association.  A very experienced governor with some really excellent insight especially the entry on the Ofsted inspections!

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