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New school year again……

October 27, 2014

I always say that I will keep this blog up to date and then all good intentions disappear.  I has been a very busy year as far as governance is concerned.  We have had to get all our paperwork in order for the application of the new school.  This has been an excellent opportunity in making sure everything is in order.  This has meant that the start of the academic year has been a lot smoother and a lot less panicky.  The executive HT of our Trust and the chairs of our committees have spent some time looking at our GB business cycle and we now have agendas for all out committees identified and agreed for the whole year.

Our programme of work is also link with our Governors Development plan – our key focus begin to make sure that the new Local Governing Body is fit for purpose and carrying out its tasks of holding the school to account.

At the same time I am helping out at another GB that needs some development work very rapidly.

The governance reviews also continue and also the NLG deployment in helping other chairs’ of Governing Bodies.

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