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External Reviews of Governance

If a school has received a Requires Improvement category from an Ofsted inspection, it is highly likely that they will be asked to carry our an External Review of Governance (ERGs).   In May 2013 I was designted to be a National Leader of Governance and as part of that process I was also trained to carry out these reviews.   Since then I have conducted ERGs in both the primary and the secondary sector.

The evidence from the pilot of the first year of Governance Reviews identified that these reviews tend to be highly beneficial to the development of the Governing Body.  It is very important that the reviews are done in a supportive and developmental manner.

Most of the reviews tend to be ones where Ofsted has recommended to the school that they have one done.  The ones I have done vary in how engaged the governors are.  Some are not happy with the recommendation and do not really engage with the process.  However, from my experience the GBs that find this most beneficial are the ones that fully engage with the process and take ownership of the review.  This enthusiasm is always picked up by the HMI monitoring visit as evidence that GBs are wanting to change and make a difference.  It is also highly rewarding when working with GBs that are wanting to engage.

I have also done reviews of GBs that wish to move from Good to Outstanding and in preparation of an Ofsted visit.  It is the Governing Body’s way of getting external assurance that they are performing the tasks that they have to carry out.

Should your school wish to have an external review undertaken then please don’t hesitate to contact me.  However, the National College also has a list of NLGs in your area who are able to do External Reviews of Governance.  Just remember that there are many providers out there carrying out Reviews of Governance.  You don’t have to be an NLG to do this type of work.

Here is profile that the National College of Teaching and Learning hold about me as an National Leader of Governance!

Some testimonials:

…”thank you for undertaking the review both myself and the chair thought it was a very worthwhile process to go through.”
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  1. May 2, 2014 8:27 am

    Hi Ariana,
    Two things; we are looking to use a self-evaluation of governing bodies using the 20 questions as a start of an intervention process. I like the idea of using survey monkey to kick that off and would like to use your survey from 2012 if you are happy for us to do that?
    Secondly, we have used two local NLGs to carry out governance reviews but have not been convinced by the qualities iof the outcomes and outputs. We have concerns about the impartiality of ‘consultants’ that may want to provide services to schools that they are reviewing. Do you have a report template or guidelines that we might use to develop our processes?

    • Ariana Yakas permalink*
      October 27, 2014 6:33 pm

      Hi Phil,
      You are more than welcome to use the survey monkey that I set up using the 20 questions. Here is the link:
      If you cant access it let me know and I will see what I can don.
      NLGs – A number of the NLGs were trained by the National College to carry out reviews. This was only for the first three cohorts. As part of the training we were given some examples of good practice for our report templates. Basically they reports need to be focused towards ensuring that the schools’ governing body develops an action plan. If you go the the archive pages for the National College on NLGs you should be able to see some of the templates that we are encouraged to use. I understand that sometimes boundaries can get confused and it is important to make sure that GB get the reviews that are going to help them develop and not ones for obtaining more consultancy!

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